Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Make your birthday wishes carefully, as they could likely come to fruition. With the sun shining in your sign until February 18, you have some extra power for manifesting your intentions. Because of this, be conscious about what you are creating in your life by establishing goals for your new solar year around the time of the new moon on February 4. Thoughts uttered in your mind or aloud are intentions, too, even the subtle, self-critical ones. So, be impeccable with your words, and rethink any self-defeating ones.

For a boost of confidence, plan get-togethers with friends, and don’t shy away from the center of attention. Your love life is quite active throughout the month, and that could mean a new level of commitment with your partner. If you are single, you could find ways to release any internal resistance you have to a romantic relationship.

On Valentine’s Day, Mars moves into your sector of home and family, adding some fire to your domestic affairs. Changes to your home could happen faster than expected. You could even decide to hand a key to your significant other or make a move together. With this area of your life heated up, express any lingering concerns you have with family members or your partner before they grow into resentments or evolve into ongoing conflicts. Also, find healthy outlets for stress.

After February 18, finances could preoccupy your mind. Maintain a balanced perspective to avoid sliding into worry or fear in this or any area of your life. Remember: You are a co-creator in this life. Own your power.

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