The ancient Greeks described Philia as a friendship-type of love that is loyal, caring, and full of camaraderie. This month, you may have new beginnings in the realm of this love. Welcome it, as you would love in all its forms, without trying to make it something more. Release relationship expectations, and be open to surprises.

Your urge for freedom may compete with your desire for partnership, especially on February 12 as Mars joins forces with Uranus. Be patient with others, and take some you time.

The new moon on February 4 highlights community. Accept an invitation to become more involved or step into a leadership role. Venus shines her light in your career sector after February 3, helping you reach goals and attract the right kind of attention. If you have considered making a career change, you could gain clarity about next steps around February 18. Mars in your sign until February 14 fires up your drive to succeed, and you could feel motivated to work on a passion project. Your hard work will pay off.

When it comes to finances, prioritize saving at the end of the month and avoid making impulsive purchases.

The full moon on February 19 attunes your heart and heightens your intuition, urging you to be more present with your loved ones and compassionate in general. You could undergo a spiritual process and forgive yourself and others for past issues, clearing space in your psyche for a greater sense of connection. What better time for a heart expansion than right after Valentine’s Day? It’s the the day all about heart.

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