Start the new year with a clean slate. You are in a highly creative period with no time to spare, and you cannot afford the luxury of changing your mind. So, let go of old dreams that haven't manifested and head toward new horizons. While letting go can trigger grief for what might have been, trust in the unfolding story of your life.

A solar eclipse on January 5 could activate a mindset shift in your professional life. If you have wanted to make a career change, this influence could help start the necessary chain of events, and it's only the beginning. You have the charisma to attract attention and recognition. However, be careful to avoid situations that could compromise your reputation, as you can't get away with much when all eyes are on you.

Mars in your sign all month motivates you, which will prove helpful if exercise is on your list of resolutions. This influence also triggers your competitive drive and helps you excel in any focused endeavor, especially on January 25. With so much focus on your career, reputation, and physical health, your personal life may be on the back burner.

Single Aries, embark on an adventure! You could meet potential romantic connections through travel after January 7. If you are in a relationship, be gentle with your partner. Mars in your sign and a relatively busy month fuel your inner fire and could fuel your temper. Be intentional about self-care and channel your passion into the achievement of your dreams.

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