Libra (September 22 – October 22)

Psychological fear, which is different from your body’s physical response when you’re in danger, can manifest itself in several ways. It can show itself through specific phobias, like spiders, crowded spaces, or public speaking. It could manifest as physical pain or a nervous stomach. It can also appear as a sly, subtle voice in the back of your mind suggesting you take the path of least resistance, procrastinate, worry, shy away from the spotlight... or eat ice cream. Fear does not want you to be your most powerful, magical self. It wants you to keep the status quo. You are in a period of expansion when your purpose calls you to be bold, brave, and vocal. As one born under the sign of justice, you have the wisdom to share for this critical time in our history. The fear of conflict or disappointing others can no longer hold you back, dear Libra. Therefore, get to the root of it of your fears and pluck them up. On November 6, the nodal axis starts to shift into your sector of recognition and career ambition, where it will transit for the next 18 months. After you vote and/or volunteer at the polls, set intentions and create an action plan for how you can advance your professional pursuits. Dream big, and you will have the mental acuity to write, teach, speak, pitch, or promote yourself in effective ways throughout the next year.

The new moon on November 7 draws inward to do some soul-searching regarding your finances. If you have been generous to a fault, you may need to pull back for a while and prioritize your financial needs and goals. Venus, your ruling planet, stations direct on November 16, helping boost your confidence. You could feel back on track after facing relationship and financial challenges.

The full moon on November 22 spotlights your curious mind. You may consider taking a class or attending a workshop to develop new skills or learn a new system. Accept any invitations to travel. Opportunities for growth and expansion abound.

Your relationship status may fluctuate throughout the month with Venus retrograde. Plus, Uranus, the planet of surprises, moves back into your relationship sector for a brief time on November 6. Be open to change, whether you are single or involved. With confidence in your ability to make wise choices and courage to take action, you can navigate any twists and turns. For some of you, these changes might involve deepening a commitment or saying “I do.” If so, congratulations! You have triumphed over fear.

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